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G-Solutions Limited Liability Company has experience in formal, engineering and legal issues, as well as in financial management of renewable energy projects. The main profile of our business is the offshore wind energy sector. Many years of practice and experience in this field allow us to provide comprehensive market analysis and support the entire investment process of all offshore wind projects currently underway in Poland, as well as future development potential.

Our main asset is practice and know-how. We did not take part in individual tasks - we actually did it, which makes us practitioners, translating vision and design into a tangible product.

Professional experience makes G-Solutions effectively involved in the development of offshore wind energy in the Baltic, being a local partner of investors. We provide specialized services in the coordination of specific activities and management of project development.

For domestic and foreign clients, G - Solutions has already prepared many reports and studies in the field of offshore wind farms:

  1. Due diligence of environmental documentation - EIA report and documentation of the outcome of the administrative procedure conducted by the RDOŚ in connection with the application for a decision on environmental conditions for the implementation of the project involving the construction of an offshore wind farm;
  2. Benchmark environmental studies for the EIA report of an OWF - in the onshore and offshore area;
  3. Due diligence of the scope of environmental studies for the OWF EIA report;
  4. Scope of outcome reports and reporting scheme for EIA studies;
  5. Analysis of the project documentation of the OWF project with the identification of hazards / risks and identification of potential opportunities for project optimization;
  6. Verification of the design of geological works for the purpose of determining geological and engineering conditions in the area of the planned location of wind farms;
  7. Methodology for measuring wind with a floating lidar - indication of the level of representativeness of the data and the level of data yield for determining productivity and banking analyses;
  8. Report on regulatory and permitting processes for offshore wind farm investments - offshore and onshore;
  9. Legal analysis of connection of investments to the grid with analysis of issued grid connection conditions and offshore wind farm connection agreements;
  10. Permits and consents/agreements for offshore wind projects (including a list of questions and answers, permit scheme, MS Project for the scope of EIA studies);
  11. Analysis of the draft spatial development plan of Polish maritime areas in terms of risks for offshore wind farm projects;
  12. Permit applications for the erection and use of artificial islands (for OWFs);
  13. Verification of environmental investigation plans;

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Magdalena Świtoń

For a decade independently organized and coordinated the preparation of 3 offshore wind farm projects in Poland, including the 350 MW project. As a plenipotentiary of the companies, she independently drafted all necessary documentation and obtained, among other things, 7 valid location decisions for offshore wind farms and external connection infrastructure, conducting related administrative procedures. She drafted, among other things, applications for reconsideration, draft complaints to the WSA. She supervised and coordinated the execution of obligations arising from administrative decisions obtained. She prepared and supervised the proper conduct of a detailed plan for environmental studies conducted by more than a dozen interdisciplinary teams both at sea and on land. She performed localization analyses of the possibility of deriving power from the offshore wind farm in the onshore part, and prepared applications for amendment/approval of the LSDP. With many years of practice and experience in the field of RES - administrative procedures of offshore and onshore wind, biogas, biomass or PV projects, she has been consulting and advising on investments in the energy industry since the beginning of her career, including the Polish Power Exchange.

Since 2019 has been lecturing to students of postgraduate studies in offshore wind energy at the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding at Gdansk University of Technology.

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