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G-Solutions LLC has experience and unique knowledge in the implementation of the most demanding projects. We offer a number of consulting and outsourcing services through which we work with our clients and partners achieve their own business goals. We guarantee the highest quality of services, taking care of every detail of the documentation we prepare. The projects we participate in are always managed in such a way as to minimize the time needed to obtain administrative decisions. We work closely with a group of the best specialists and scientists in northern Poland, supporting and promoting their activities. At the same time, we are actively analyzing the market to expand the database of specialists and partners with whom we work on a daily basis. Thanks to many years of experience and knowledge of the industry, we effectively shape relationships with the community and governments at the local, regional and national levels, at all the stages of project preparation and implementation.

„Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” Aldo Gucci


Magdalena Świtoń

G-Solutions LLC co-founder and an expert in the field of preparation and supervision over the implementation of investment projects in the renewable energy sector. For a decade independently organized and coordinated work on the preparation of 3 projects for offshore wind farms in Poland, including the 350 MW project. As a proxy, prepared all necessary documentation and obtained, among others 7 final location decisions for offshore wind farms and external connection infrastructure. She supervised the performance of obligations arising from administrative decisions obtained.

Prepared and coordinated a detailed environmental surveys plan both at sea and on land part. Thanks to many years of experience and extension know-how in administrative procedures for renewable energy installations, both offshore and onshore, he has consulted and advised on investments in the energy industry from the beginning of his career, including Polish Power Exchange.

Agnieszka Deka

A high-class specialist among those conducting administrative procedures in the field of environmental protection for investments of wind farms, both onshore and offshore. For over ten years, involved in the development of wind farm farm projects at international engineering companies specializing in projects related to renewable energy sources. From the beginning of her career, as a proxy of special purpose entity, she was involved in the supervision of the entire investment process, from the investment decision to obtaining a building permit. For wind farms, she obtained a number of decisions on the environmental conditions for project implementation.

Since 2017 she prepared and coordinated a detailed environmental surveys plan both at sea and on land part for 350 MW offshore wind farm project and since 2019 as G-Solutions LLC co-founder exclusively involved in polish offshore sector.

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