1. Preparation of the schedule of pre-investment and post-investment environmental surveys and research for the planned undertaking, together with coordination and supervision of the course of work.
  2. Preparation of environmental impact assessment reports for the planned undertaking.
  3. Identification and possibility of securing equipment / devices necessary for conducting full environmental tests, as well as obtaining appropriate permits for their use.
  4. Preparation of draft contracts for environmental research and surveys, studies, reports, expert opinions.
  5. Verification of documentation resulting from signed contracts, e.g. partial reports, statements.
  6. Advice on the selection of contractors for environmental surveys, studies, reports, expert opinions.
  7. Due diligence of environmental documentation.
  8. Investor support in a dialogue with the administration as well as participants and parties to the administrative procedure.
  9. Consultation meetings with participants and parties to administrative proceedings.
  10. Conducting local information campaigns.

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