1. Comprehensive support of the Purchaser as part of the tender procedure aimed, e.g. selecting the contractor for the expertise / research / EIA report, etc.
  2. Analysis of potential areas for planned investments.
  3. Comprehensive analyzes of land properties in terms of the environment, geology, urban development and planning, ownership structure, to secure the land property for the planned investment.
  4. Supervision over the change in the study of spatial development conditions and directions as well as the change and / or preparation of local spatial development plans.
  5. Preparation of applications for issuing land development conditions decisions together with supervision throughout the administrative procedure.
  6. Comprehensive conducting of the procedure for obtaining a decisions on the environmental conditions for a permit for implementation of projects.
  7. Schedule for conducting research and preparing necessary additional analyzes for the purposes of preparing project design, e.g. geological and engineering documentation, permit required by Water Law Act, etc.
  8. Preparing schedules for individual tasks.
  9. Consents with public administration along with obtaining all necessary permits and decisions.
  10. Support in the dialogue with participants and parties to administrative proceedings.
  11. Schedule of work on preparing design documentation for particular industries.
  12. Coordination of obtaining the building permit and occupancy permit.
  13. Preparation of requests for proposals / in-house database of specialists, due diligence.

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